Latvian government conceptually supports making Lāčplēsis Day a holiday

On Tuesday, 10 April, Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee conceptually supported amendments to the Law on Holidays, Memorable Days and Celebrations that provide for making 11 November – Lāčplēsis Day – a holiday, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Lāčplēsis Day is among commemorative and celebrated days in Latvia. Amendments, on the other hand, provide making 11 November an official holiday. If 11 November falls on Saturday or Sunday, however, it will not be compensated with an additional holiday.

The majority of representatives from different ministries voiced support in favour of this legislative draft. Representatives of economy and finance ministries pointed to the influence of amendments on tax revenue and GDP. In the event of approval of said amendments, they proposed reviewing the number of existing holidays.

The parliament reminds that Riga’s liberation from West Russian Volunteer Army or the Bermont-Avalov forces in the 11 November 1919 battle affirmed the belief of Latvia’s nation in an independent and democratic future for the country. Celebration of 11 November has become a tradition in Latvia. The date also has a major place in proper upbringing of Latvian children, as mentioned in the legislative draft’s annotation.

Authors of amendments say making this day a holiday would benefit cohesion of Latvia’s nation and would be a good gesture for Latvia’s centenary and the 100th anniversary of the battle in 2019.

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