Latvian companies start working on deposit machines for packaging

Machinery development and manufacture company SIA Peruza together with IT company SIA WeAreDots have commenced work on development of a packaging deposit machine and IT software that would identify and accept different types of packaging materials, as confirmed by company representative Alīna Kozlovska.

She notes that a prototype could be ready by autumn this year. The prototype may be fitted with technological solutions like computer sight, AI and robotic manipulators.

It is planned the machine that is currently in development will be able to accept different kinds of packaging materials and will be mobile. Kozlovska says the machines available on the market only accept a narrow range of packaging types (mainly sweet drink and water PET bottles, cans and glass beer bottles), but the goal is creating in Latvia a world-class system that uses AI to identify and accept champagne, wine, strong drink bottles, as well as bottles of other types of drinks and household chemistry, cosmetics and personal hygiene packages (shampoo, etc.).

All kinds of cans will also be accepted by the system.
«Already there are similar machines on the market, but they do not have sufficient functionality and compliance with modern consumers’ habits. Latvia has sufficient IT and machine manufacturing capabilities that can help secure technological solutions – make sure the system is able to identify deposited packaging materials. Development of such machines will definitely create an interest in other countries,» says SIA Peruza board member Roberts Dlohi.

SIA Peruza and SIA WeAreDots are developing the prototype using already functional solutions from other countries.

It is expected the system will be divided into two sections – one for light packaging deposits and the other for glass bottles and other heavier packaging materials.
Dlohi stresses that system will allow collecting and recycling more packaging, thereby reducing the amount of waste, which is something other deposit systems solve only partially. The general objective is creating a machine that would help reduce the amount of manual labour needed to service deposit machines.

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