Latvian citizen accused of attempt to recruit State Security Service official for spying

The State Security Service (VDD) has asked the prosecutor’s office to launch criminal prosecution against a Latvian citizen for attempting to recruit a VDD official for spying for Russian special services, LETA learned from VDD.

VDD calls on the prosecutor’s office to hold this person responsible forĀ  illegal collecting of non-disclosable information for the purposes of transferring it or transferring thereof to a foreign state or foreign organisation, either directly or through mediation of another person. Such an offense carries a jail term of 3-20 years.

VDD said in its statement that the Latvian citizen on behalf of Russian special services attempted to recruit a VDD official, asking this official to collect and transfer non-disclosable information to the Russian special services.

The service launched a probe against the Latvian citizen on July 8, 2019, and during pre-trial information sufficient evidence has been collected. The person has been arrested.

VDD does not issue further comments on the case.

A reported, since restoration of Latvia’s independence, three criminal cases on spying for Russia have been sent to courts.

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