Latvian Border Guard apprehends 29 border jumpers

Latvia’s State Border Guard officers apprehended a total of 29 perpetrators on the country’s external borders and internal territories.

17 perpetrators were caught attempting to cross the country’s border. Two of them had forged documents. «One person from Belarus was detained for using a forged driver’s licence at Terehova border checkpoint. A criminal process has been initiated. One Russian citizen was apprehended at Riga International Airport checkpoint. Her passport had forged border-crossing stamps. The woman was promptly returned to her home country after this,» reports State Border Guard.

Entry to Latvia was denied to four Ukrainian citizens because they could not explain their reasons for visiting. Additionally, they did not have enough money to afford entry to Schengen Area member states. All four were returned to their home country.

State Border Guard notes residence regulation violations were registered for one foreigner. «One Belarusian citizen was denied entry to Latvia because he had breached residence regulations (had no valid visa or residence permit). No administrative case was launched.»

During routine immigration control procedures within the country, entry or residence regulation violations were found for seven people – three people from Moldova, one Russian, one Latvian, one Estonian and one Lithuanian citizen.

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