Latvian authorities detain Ukrainian citizen for illegally smuggling weapon parts

In November 2018, Latvia State Revenue Service’s Tax and Customs Police sent a criminal process to Ludza District Prosecutor’s Office for commencement of criminal prosecution in regards to illegal carrying of weapon parts over the Latvian border.

This month, customs officers at Terehova border checkpoint performed an in-depth inspection of a car driven by a Ukrainian citizen. The car entered Latvia from the Russian Federation. It was during the inspection officers found parts of firearms – seven 7.62 mm Shpagin sub-machine gun magazines, nine 5.45 mm RPK machine gun magazines, ninety seven industrial-manufactured Tokarev pistol magazines and sixteen marine knives, BNN was informed by SRS.

A criminal process was launched immediately in accordance with Section 190.1 of the Criminal Law. The 1954-born Ukrainian citizen was detained and made a suspect in the criminal case.

During the investigation, officers found that all of the discovered objects have strategic importance and require a special license for distribution. The suspect had no license on him at the moment of his detainment.

In accordance with the Law on the Handling of Weapons and Special Means, customs officers confiscated uncovered items.

The suspect has been put under arrest. The criminal process was sent to Ludza District Prosecutor’s office for commencement of criminal prosecution on 21 November.

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