Latvia to have 36 municipalities after administrative territorial reform

After consulting with the municipal deputies, the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry has decided to add one more municipality to the new map, as minister Juris Pūce announced to journalists on Monday, 12 August.

Instead of the initially proposed 35, therefore, the number of municipalities in Latvia will be reduced from 119 to 36.

Pūce mentioned that the new municipality will be in Pierīga, but refused to elaborate.

He also remarked that the territorial reform had been altered based on local governments’ recommendations.

“We have assessed the population’s dynamic, growth and mobility, and we have determined that it is possible to create a new mode [of administrative reform]. Nevertheless, all criteria established at the start remain in place,” said Pūce.

The ministry’s report will be submitted to the government next week. It will have to be coordinated with all relevant state institutions and Latvian Association of Local Governments.

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