Latvia refused to accept more NATO soldiers

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO is not going to strengthen its military presence in the Baltic states, the Ministry of defence of Latvia stated that it is not necessary to place additional forces, reports Sputnik Latvia Jens Stoltenberg april 19, stressed that the Alliance is not currently planning to strengthen its military presence in the region of the Baltic sea, however, the task of enhancing the operational readiness of the forces. The Ministry of defence of Latvia, in turn, said that the Baltic country today, sees no need to increase military presence of NATO on its territory.

Commenting on the statement by Stoltenberg, State Secretary of the Ministry of defense Jānis Garisons noted that he obviously had in mind the expansion of three located in the Baltic countries of NATO battalions.

“At the same time, of course, we are working on the issue of deployment of NATO forces in the event of a crisis in the region as well as existing projects. Although bringing order to infrastructure invested great efforts, we can’t take more of the forces of the alliance, as the infrastructure is limited,” he explained.

In any case, now in NATO, there is no discussion about the need to strengthen elements of the aforementioned battalions. We believe it is important to integrate these elements into the overall command and integrate with armed forces of Latvia.

In quantitative terms, in the current situation of NATO forces in Latvia are concluded Garisons. According to the head of the Russian defence ministry Sergei Shoigu, NATO has already deployed in the Baltic states and Poland 10-thousand offensive troops. According to him, a significant increase of military power of NATO around Russia’s borders, especially in Europe, of serious concern. The minister stressed that Russia will maintain its armed forces at a level guaranteeing the military security of the country and its allies.

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