Latvia: In 2019, the highest harvested production of grain was recorded

Provisional data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in 2019 the highest harvested production of grain was recorded – 3.2 mln t, which is 1.1 mln t or 1.5 times more than a year ago. The average grain yield per one hectare reached 42.6 ql., which is the second highest grain yield in the history of Latvia (44.9 ql. were harvested in 2015). Exports of grain reached the record amount as well – 2.8 mln t or EUR 518 mln.

2019 was very fruitful for Latvian crop production, especially after the drought of 2018

Last year, a record high harvested production of grain was reached, which is very important upturn after the long-term dryness in 2018 that led to harvested production amounting to 2.1 million tonnes and average yield of 29.8 ql.  The high harvested production was facilitated by both high yield and wider areas of cereals – cereal cropland covered 742.3 thousand ha, which is 51.4 thousand ha or 7.5% more than a year ago and the widest cereal area in the history of Latvian agriculture.

Harvested production of grain was influenced by the increase in share of winter cereal areas in the total cereal cropland – from 35.4% in 2018 to 58.8% in 2019 (50.4% in 2015). In 2019, harvested production of winter cereals reached 2.2 mln t (the highest indicator in the history of Latvia), and the average yield thereof constituted 50.7 ql./ha. The highest yield of winter cereals was reached in 2015 – 53.5 q/ha.

In 2019, the highest harvested production of winter wheat was harvested – 2.0 mln t or 62.0% of the total harvested production of cereals; the average yield thereof reached 51.8 ql./ha, which is the second highest yield of winter wheat (55.3 ql./ha in 2015). Out of the harvested production of winter wheat, 781.8 thousand t or 39.8% were harvested in Zemgale region.

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