Latvia experienced bigger state debt reduction than average in EU in Q2 2018

Compared to the same period of last year, Latvia experienced a bigger state debt reduction than average in the European Union in Q2 2018, according to data published by Eurostat.

Latvia’s state debt has declined by 2.7 percentage points in Q2 2018.

The largest decline was registered in Slovenia (-7.4 percentage points), Lithuania (-6.5 percentage points), Ireland (-6.4 percentage points), Portugal (-5.9 percentage points), Malta (-5.5 percentage points), Netherlands (-4.8 percentage points), Austria and Bulgaria (-4.5 percentage points) and Germany (-4.2 percentage points).

The decline of the state debt in Estonia was 0.4 percentage points.

Increase of state debts was registered in Greece (+3.5 percentage points), Britain (+0.3 percentage points) and Slovakia (+0.1 percentage points).

The average decline of state debt in the EU was 2.4 percentage points. The average decline in Eurozone was 2.9 percentage points.

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