Largest NATO military maneuvers begin in Nordics, Baltic Sea

NATO defensive drill, described as its largest military maneuvers since 1980s were launched on Thursday in Norway. The 29-member alliance reasoned that the goal of the drill was to improve military readiness to respond to any threat from any direction, but Russia described the training itself as a threat.

According to NATO, the exercise Trident Juncture 18 in Norway, the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea, simulates the defence of a member state against a fictional adversary involves over 45 000 troops from the 29 member states of the alliance, as well as from Sweden and Finland.

American news agency AP reported that Russia, which shares a border with Norway, was informed by NATO on the war games and invited to monitor it, yet Moscow is still angered by the exercise.

«NATO’s military activities near our borders have reached the highest level since the Cold War times,» Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu commented earlier in the week and evaluated that the drill will be «simulating offensive military action.»

Nordic defence and foreign ministers have stated jointly that they saw «no military threats against the Nordic countries today, but we live in an unpredictable and uncertain time.»

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