Lampa festival’s political arena: talks with politicians without masks

In preparation for the upcoming Saeima elections, Lampa festival will provide a special Political arena for the first time. Eight of Latvia’s political parties and party unions will be represented there with their own tents. Voters will be able to meet with politicians face to face and discuss matters important to them, festival organizers say.

«Lampa is a place where we promote involvement of society in social and civil processes, further developing Latvia as a democratic country. A direct, face to face conversation between politicians and voters will help raise the bar for political quality. We can find solutions and common ground for challenges without hiding behind ‘photoshoped’ posters and adverts, but by looking each other in the eye,» says Lampa festival director Ieva Morica.

All active national-level Latvian parties have been invited to take part in the political arena. Eight parties and party unions have responded and have agreed to take part. They include – Union of Greens and Farmers, Attīstībai PAR!, KPV LV, Harmony, New Unity union of political parties, New Conservative Party, Progressive and To Latvia from The Heart. To make sure parties’ participation is honest and mutually respective, they were asked to have conversations with visitors of the festival about matters important to political parties.

Politologist and chairman if DOTS foundations Ivars Ījabs about this political arena: «Organizers of Lampa festival were happy with such a wide representation of political parties at the festival. From their end they have made sure we maintain comprehensive and interesting discussions with voters.»

Politicians will be present not only at the political arena during the festival, but also at other activities. Visitors will be able to participate in discussions about knocking down the wall of mutual distrust between NGOs and politicians and rebuilding trust together, as well as the topic regarding the structure of modern parties and Latvia’s sustainable development.

The festival will be taking place at Cesis Castle from 29 to 30 of June. Entry is free of charge.

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