Kremlin: Amesbury incident threat to Europe, alleged links to Russia are absurd

On Sunday, the UK Metropolitan Police said that a woman, identified as Dawn Sturgess, had died in a local hospital after being exposed to a toxic substance in Amesbury. Police have launched a murder inquiry.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the death of one of the Amesbury victims, saying that the poisoning poses a threat not only to Britons, but to all Europeans.

“I do not know what discussions and what statements preceded, and whose statements preceded these words, to which you have now referred. We do not know that someone mentioned Russia in vain against the backdrop of the second incident. We do not know that Russia was somehow mentioned, or somehow associated with it. We believe that in any case this would be quite absurd,” Peskov said, in response to statements by the Russian ambassador to the OPCW.

Peskov added that “the nature of the incident [in Amesbury] causes concern” and “poses a great danger.”

The Kremlin regrets the death of the victim of the incident in Amesbury and is deeply concerned about this state of emergency. This second consecutive incident of poisoning in the UK poses a threat not only to the British, but also to all Europeans, Dmitry Peskov told reporters. 

“We, of course, deeply regret the demise of the UK citizen, and we remain extremely concerned about the continuing incidents with toxic substances on the territory of the United Kingdom. We believe that this poses a danger not only to UK citizens, but to all other Europeans,” Peskov told reporters.

At a parliament session on Thursday, UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid said that the United Kingdom would take “further action” should Russia’s involvement in the incident be confirmed. He noted, however, that “we don’t want to jump to conclusions.”

On Thursday, UK police announced that a couple, Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley, was believed to have handled an item allegedly contaminated with the same military-grade Novichok nerve agent which was reportedly used in the attack on the Skripals in the UK city of Salisbury, located several miles from Amesbury.

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