Klaipeda leads Baltic ports in terms of cargo traffic for 4th year in a row


The Lithuanian seaport of Klaipeda has posted the best cargo handling figures among all Baltic ports for four successive years now.

Klaipeda handled 34.9 mln tons of cargo in the three quarters of 2019, a rise of 3.7% y-o-y, the port authority has told.

The Latvian Transport Ministry’s figures for the reporting period show cargo traffic declining by 10.5 % to 23.9 mln tons in Riga, growing by 10.1% to 16.6 mln tons in Ventspils, and going down by 3.8% to 5.3 mln tons in Liepaja.

According to Tallinn Sadam, the overall cargo traffic at the five ports it operates fell by 8.3 % in the nine months’ y-o-y to 14.3 mln tons.

Throughput at Lithuania’s Butinge crude terminal increased by 4.6% to 7.3 mln tons of oil in the reporting period.

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