Kiska: Forward NATO Presence in Latvia Inspires Sense of Security

The presence of soldiers on the NATO mission in Latvia inspires a sense of security, solidarity and unity in countries that might feel in danger, President Andrej Kiska said after meeting 151 Slovak soldiers serving at a base at Adazhi in Latvia on Tuesday. During his visit, the President emphasised the Latvian base’s motto “strength in unity”, adding that more than 3,000 soldiers from various countries are stationed there.

“As the commander in chief of the Slovak Armed Forces, I thank them for building an incredibly good reputation for our country,” he claimed. “Together with other nationalities, we’ve been at work to strengthen the security of this region. The most challenging part was to integrate quickly and well into joint activities of this multi-national group,” stated Slovak contingent commander Vladimir Mosko.

The NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Latvia mission was conceived in July 2017, with Slovakia joining it via the first rotation in July 2018. “The purpose of the mission is to demonstrate the unity of NATO and also prepare ourselves via joint training to carry out tasks also in this part of the world,” said Mosko. Defence Minister Peter Gajdos (Slovak National Party/SNS) along with President Kiska also brought the soldiers a Christmas tree and gifts.

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