Kaimins offers Karins to form government without Gobzems and politicians from ”old parties”

KPV LV leader Artuss Kaimins believes that prime minister candidate Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) should not accept Aldis Gobzems (KPV LV) for interior minister in the new government, but at the same time also exclude from the government persons ”from the old political parties” who have previously served as ministers or have held top posts.

”I propose to Karins, as the potential prime minister candidate, to exclude Gobzems from a potential government, but also persons from the so-called old parties who have previously served as ministers or held top posts,” Kaimins said in a statement.

He pointed out that politics is ”the art of compromise”, where it is necessary to overcome ”personal ambitions for the good of the country”. Kaimins said that if all the involved parties drop their personal ambitions it would be possible to quickly from the new government.

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