Kabul wedding terror attack committed by Islamic State

Responsibility for the terror attack in Afghanistan, where explosives killed 63 people. has been claimed by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State terrorist group.

The local Islamic State affiliate claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack in the capital Kabul in 2019, with 63 killed and 182 wounded.
The blast was committed on Saturday, August 17. It took place during a wedding, at which more than 1,200 people had been invited, in a western Kabul neighbourhood that is home to many in the country’s minority Shiite Hazara community.

The presence of the local Islamic State affiliate in recent years might be the greatest threat to Afghan civilians as the U.S. and radical Muslim organisation Taliban currently seek an agreement to end nearly 18 years of fighting. In the upcoming deal, however, there appear to be no guarantees of protection for Afghan civilians, AP reported.


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