Justice chancellor: Ministry messed up flight restriction changes

Flight restrictions recently both simultaneously imposed and lifted by the economics affairs ministry violate administrative best practices, Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise says.

Madise said that easing restrictions on direct flights within the EU/EEA while at the same time tightening up those on flights to non-EU, or “third”, countries, such as Turkey, have not been carried out correctly, ETV news show “Aktuaalne kaamera” reported Tuesday.

The justice chancellor made her remarks in written form in an analysis of a ministry directive which changed the flights restrictions regime from the beginning of this week, overnight switching from a situation where direct flight links to nearly all European countries were off the table, to almost the reverse of that, ie. where flights are permitted to most of those states.

Madise primarily criticized the manner in which the changes were made, rather than their principle, saying that the full text of the current regulations are difficult to find, the entry into force date was not clearly stated, and that not all stakeholders had received the information.

Madise also said the transitional period between one set of regulations and another had not been sufficient – a common criticism of the current administration in how it implements coronavirus-related regulations, for example those concerning late-night alcohol sales.

An association representing tourist businesses may also take the matter to court, saying the government’s activities are hindering an already blighted sector, and harming consumers.

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