July 2019 was July 2019 was the second coldest of the century in Latvia

This July was the second coldest of the century, according to the Latvian Centre for Environment, Geology and Meteorology, reported LSM.lv on August 1.

With an average air temperature of +16.2 degrees C, this July was only 0.2 degrees C above the coldest July of the century, which was in 2017.

This month broke 26 cold records of different scales and only two heat records.

In the country as a whole, July was 15% more humid than the climatic norm, though the distribution of rainfall was very uneven. In Zosēni, for example, the precipitation was 134 litres of water per square meter, whereas in Liepāja it was only 35 litres, which is half of the climatic norm.

The hottest day was July 28 in Ventspils, where the temperature reached +32.1 degrees C, while the coldest was July 13 in Zosēni and Madona, where the temperature dropped to +3.8 degrees C.

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