Iranian Leader’s Aide Promises US ‘Second Vietnam’ in Syria

US forces are currently controlling territories to the East of the Euphrates River in Syria, claiming they are fighting the remnants of Daesh* there.
The Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide on international affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, has alleged that the US created the terrorist organizations Daesh* and al-Nusra, and has slammed Washington for occupying Syrian territory to the east of the Euphrates River. He also promised that US involvement in the conflict will cause the country problems in the end.

“They should know that Syria and the Eastern Euphrates will be another Vietnam for the US,” he added.

The US is currently conducting operations in Syria against remnants of Daesh* forces, although US President Trump announced earlier this year the withdrawal of troops to “let other people take care of” Syria. The US-led coalition operates on Syrian soil despite not having been invited by the Syrian government and not having a UN mandate, as opposed to Russian forces and Iranian military advisers, who are there at the behest of Damascus.

The coalition’s airstrikes haven’t left the civilian population unscathed. At least 8 civilians were killed in the latest incident, that took place on June 2, when they bombed Dib-Haddadj village in the south-east of Hasakah governorate.

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