Iran responds to renewed U.S. sanctions with military manoeuvres

After the U.S. renewed its sanctions against Iran, the Middle-Eastern country has commenced air defence training and labelled the situation an economic war.

British news portal The Guardian reported on Monday, November 6, that the U.S. sanctions end the economic benefits the U.S. granted Tehran for its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, though Iran for now continues to abide by the accord under which it limited its enrichment of uranium.

The new sanctions will particularly hurt Iran’s oil industry, a crucial source of money for its economy at a time when the value of its national currency, the rial, has decreased considerably over the past year.

According to Iranian state media, the drill in the country’s north has been launched in the country’s north involving the national army and the country’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, air defence systems and anti-aircraft batteries in military manoeuvres.

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