“Invisible animals was awarded NGO of the year in Estonia

Non-governmental organization (NGO) Nähtamatud Loomad (“invisible animals”) was awarded NGO of the year on Saturday.
The organization, which was also recently recognized as one of the most effective animal protection organizations worldwide, was awarded by the citizen and NGO’s union (“Kodukant ja vabaühenduste liit”) and was presented by its award by President Kersti Kaljulaid, ERR’s current affairs show Aktuaalne kaamera reports.

“The key to our success is our volunteers and supporters, who stand up for animals every day. Thanks to effective charity and a success mindset, we have been able to accomplish a great deal in a short space of time, and today’s high recognition puts us on track to be even more forward-looking,” said Kristina Mering, Nähtamatud Loomad president.

Nähtamatud Loomad has been operating in Estonia for two and a half years, with the particular aim of reducing animal suffering in factory farms. The organisation’s campaigns include improving the welfare of battery hens restricting the transport of live animals to countries outside the EU, banning fur farms, and increasing the proportion of plant food on the diet. To date, the Nähtamatud Loomad team has over 100 volunteers across Estonia.

Urmas Sarja, the leader of the Lübnitsa village residents’ association, was chosen as the volunteer of the year and presented with his award at the same ceremony. Other winners included history and social sciences teacher Dmitri Rõbakov, and the Fridays for Future Estonia global youth climate change activists’ movement.

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