Intrigue at Rīga Zoo with board members dismissed

On Wednesday, February 19, Ingmars Lidaka, Chairman of the Board of the Riga National Zoo , and Andris Morozovs, the other member of the Board, were dismissed from their positions, Morozovs said in a press release.

According to Morozovs, the dismissals are somehow concerned with commercial interests centering on a plot of land in the exclusive Mežaparks district where the Zoo is located, which was transferred to Riga Zoo for free use in 2011. The land with an area of ​​22 873 square meters is located on Ezermalas Street, Cimzes Street.

“Now this property has become an object of interest. With the dismissal of the board, the ground has been prepared for the expropriation of Rīga city property,” Morozovs said in a statement.

He stated that a land use contract had been concluded for a period of 10 years but he municipal executive ad claimed violation of the rules on the use of the land by the zoo including alleged unlawful construction and storage of waste on the site. Morozovs rejected the accusations.

He and Lidaka – a former Saeima deputy and prominent naturalist – are due to give more details at a press conference later in the day.

Meanwhile,    Tropical Month   continues at the Zoo until February 23.


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