Internal Security Service gets permit to build new premises in Tallinn

The city partially repealed the previously approved plans after the Internal Security Service (ISS) submitted changes. The ISS now has the necessary permits to have existing buildings in Tallinn’s Endla Street torn down, and new premises built in their place.
According to spokespeople for the ISS, the partial repeal of the detailed plan will allow the agency to pull down its building at Luise 1/3 and to build new premises with the same number of levels that fit into the surroundings of the street.

In addition, the permit allows the ISS to have a structure up to five stories high built in the courtyard of its existing compound, and make changes to the facade of the existing building overlooking Endla Street to make it fit into the complex as a whole.

The building to be demolished was built in 1928 and sustained major damage in the March 1944 bombing of Tallinn. After the war, it was rebuilt and a third level as well as courtyard buildings and a gym added. The quality of construction is very poor, according to the ISS.

Asked when the new buildings would be completed, ISS spokespeople told BNS that this was difficult to say at this point.

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