Internal police detain Latvia’s Border Guard chief

The Internal Security Bureau (IDB) detained and later released the Chief of State Border Guard Guntis Pujāts, according to LETA information September 4.

Border Guard spokeswoman Kristīne Petersone confirmed to Latvian Radio that IDB had been in the border guards’ room on Friday, September 4, but did not comment on what exactly the IDB did.

Meanwhile, Latvian Television (LTV) reported that Pujāts’ detention is related to a case from last year.

Pujāts is currently released, but he is not allowed to perform his duties, according to the information available to LTV.

The law provides that a person may be detained for up to 48 hours. The person should then be released, or the person should be subjected to a security measure, the harshest of which is jail. This shall be decided by the court.

However, a security measure may only be applied if the person acquires the status of a suspect. If a person acquires the status of the person against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated, he or she may not be subject to security measures.

  As reported  , last year the IDB detained former Chief of State Border Guard Normunds Garbars. He was detained on suspicion of financial fraud and violations committed during infrastructure development at Latvian-Russian and Latvian-Belarusian border.  Court later ruled against   taking Garbars into custody.


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