Interior Ministry not to support bill allowing dual citizenship

The Ministry of the Interior is to propose at Thursday’s government meeting not to support a Reform Party bill that would allow dual citizenship for citizens of Estonia by birth.
Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE) is set to propose to the government not to support the draft legislation, as making amendments to the Citizenship Act requires in-depth consideration and an analysis of impacts.

The ministry observed that the proposal to legalise multiple citizenship for people and groups of people who have obtained Estonian citizenship by birth would lead to unequal treatment. Likewise, the regulation of Estonian citizenship obtained by opting set out in the bill would lead to unequal treatment as well.

In addition, in the provisions concerning the stripping of an individual of their citizenship, the law should not distinguish between whether a person applied for citizenship under general rules or was granted it for special merit, the ministry said. It is currently also possible on certain grounds to strip all persons who have not obtained their Estonian citizenship by birth of said citizenship by a decision of the government.

At the same time, the Ministry of the Interior found to be justified and supported a proposal to add to the Citizenship Act a provision allowing for persons convicted of treason or the commission of a terrorist crime to be stripped of their citizenship.

The Estonian government is on Thursday to discuss Reform’s bill allowing dual citizeship to Estonian citizens by birth.

The Reform Party group initiated a similar bill earlier this year, but it was rejected by the government. Unlike the first bill, the current one to be discussed on Thursday also envisages the opportunity to strip an individul of their Estonian citizenship if they are convicted of treason or terrorism.

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