Inflation in Latvia was higher than average in EU and Eurozone in November

Inflation in Latvia in November was higher than average inflation in European Union and Eurozone, according to data published by Eurostat.

Annual inflation in Latvia was 2.9% in November. Inflation was higher in Romania, Hungary and Estonia (3.2% in all three), as well as Bulgaria (3%), whereas inflation in Belgium was 2.9%.

Compared to November 2017, inflation was registered in all EU member states. Aside from Latvia, price rise was considerable in Luxembourg (2.6%), Britain and Lithuania (2.4%), Austria (2.3%), as well as France and Germany (2.2% in both).

The average inflation in November was 2% in EU and 1.9% in Eurozone.

Compared to October, consumer prices have dropped 0.1% in the EU and 0.2% in Eurozone.

In Latvia and Lithuania, prices have dropped 0.2% when compared to October. Prices in Estonia have dropped 0.8%.

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