In 2019, Latvia’s economic development may reach a level at which emigration from Estonia stopped

In Estonia, emigration largely stopped once the unemployment level decreased to under 6.5%, the average monthly wage was higher than EUR 1,050, and gross domestic product per capita exceeded EUR 15,000.

“Latvia and Lithuania could next year have the combination of economic indexes at which emigration from Estonia stopped,” said Aboltins. It remains to be seen whether emigration from Latvia will also stop once it happens, but there is a hope that economic development will be strong enough and wages high enough to at least slow emigration down, he added.

In addition, Latvia has to adapt to demographic changes taking place in the country, because workforce availability will decrease steeply in the future as a result of these changes, said Aboltins.

The Spring 2018 fair is taking place at Ramava exhibition complex April 5 to 7, bringing together thousands of agricultural, cattle breeding, horticultural and public utilities experts.

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