Hungary and Italy agree to push for stricter EU immigration policy

European Union’s two most outspoken opponents of liberal migration policy, Italy and Hungary, have agreed to cooperate in trying to make the policy in the EU stricter so that illegal migration would be limited.

Canadian-British news agency Reuters wrote on Tuesday, August 28, that Italian Deputy Prime Matteo Salvini, who has ordered ports closed to most migrant arrivals by sea, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose government built a border fence, reinforced their political links in talks in Milan.

«And here we are, the ones who want to stop illegal migration,» stated the Hungarian head of government and explained that they had agreed to jointly pursue their anti-immigration agenda as the European Union enters pre-election period for EU parliamentary elections in May 2019.

People leaving Africa continue to try to reach Italy, but Rome says it will not reopen its ports until its large EU neighbours agree to accept part of the migrants rescued at sea.

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