Human Rights Committee unanimously supports amendments on president’s open election

On Tuesday, 4 September, Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee unanimously supported amendments submitted by Latvian Association of Regions to ensure the State President is elected by the parliament through an open vote.

Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee has also supported proposed amendments.

It is expected that Latvia’s Saeima will decide on conceptual support for amendments 6 September.

As previously reported, Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee will try to pull through the project for amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia regarding open election of the State President before parliamentary elections, said the committee’s chairman Gaidis Bērziņš.

The politician said the Legal Affairs Committee may offer setting a five-day proposal submission term for amendments for the Constitution in the second and third readings. Saeima will have the final work in relation to establishing rules of procedures.

During the pre-election period, an opportunity to establish that the State President is elected by the Saeima openly has appeared. To ensure approval of changes to the Constitution, at least two-thirds of Saeima members will have to be present for the meeting and two-thirds of those deputies will have to vote in favour of approval of amendments.

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