Huawei plans to challenge Estonia 5G ban in court

Tech giant Huawei says it will challenge a ban on its equipment in Estonia.

Huawei says the ban, drafted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in July, conflicts with EU law in discriminating on the basis of origin.

The economics affairs ministry’s draftwould prohibit what it calls high-risk tech by 2030, with the infrastructure and software used in the 5G network required to be risk-free by 2024.

This would include from manufacturers located outside the EU and also NATO and OECD member states – Huawei is a Chinese firm – within Estonian communications networks.

Huawei says it is is preparing legal arguments to challenge the regulation, and plans to announce its plans in the coming days.

According to the regulation, high-risk technology must disappear by 2030. The hardware and software used to build a 5G network should be risk-free by 2024.

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