Highest-paying jobs in Latvia are in IT and financial sectors

The highest-paying jobs in Latvia are in the IT and financial sectors, according to a survey of salaries and productivity carried out by Latvian IT Cluster and Fontes personnel management consultancy and research company, reports LETA.

According to the survey’s findings, the overall salary in the IT industry has increased 7.9% this year, but productivity has also increased as much. Export of IT services has been growing very quickly, and it is expected that the IT industry’s contribution to Latvia’s exports will continue to increase.

The survey also confirms that, as the economic growth accelerates, organizations have to deal with increasing labor shortages. Companies have to rely on not only time-tested solutions, such as qualification raising courses, cooperation with educational institutions, student internships, hiring foreign employees and others); many organizations have this year revised their business models, internal procedures and/or technologies they use, as well as created new jobs.

One important aspect, as compared to the global trends, is that salaries for both male and female employees in Latvian IT industry are almost the same – on the average, men are paid 5% more than women in the IT sector.

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