Helga Zepp-LaRouche Calls for Canceling NATO’s “Defender Europe-2020” Military Exercises

“We need to stop the present NATO maneuvers in Eastern Europe, the Defender Europe-2020 military exercise involving close to 40,000 troops,” Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp- LaRouche stated yesterday in her weekly international webcast. “Obviously, the virus will not stop in front of the military. And to have these kinds of things going on, when you have an immediate health threat to the population, is really something which doesn’t make any sense. So this NATO maneuver should stop.”

Instead of such provocative and reckless geopolitical actions, Zepp-LaRouche added, “we should go in the direction of mobilizing for a summit of the Four Powers that Lyndon LaRouche specified,” to address the existential crises facing the planet. “Sometimes, when you are in a real crisis, only if you reach a completely new level of thinking, namely the idea that all the major countries of the world — the United States, Russia, China, and India, as a minimum; and then other countries can come together with these countries — only if you change the level of thinking, and the level of approach, can you find a solution.”

“You cannot just keep going with the policies which have proven to be a failure; that has to absolutely stop. I don’t see a sign that the European establishment is capable of doing it at this point. That just means we need a mobilization of the population, because this is becoming a serious existential crisis for all of us, and we have to take responsibility to bring a new paradigm into existence — a paradigm of cooperation, and then we can solve most problems. At least over time, we can find solutions to such problems as the coronavirus. We need to change the view of the Establishment layers in Europe and the United States towards China and Russia, and this whole idea that regime-change is allowed under the pretext of spreading ‘democracy and human rights,’ is one of these imperial, colonialist ideas which have to go.”

Zepp-LaRouche concluded: “We need completely new thinking: We are in a Dark Age, the Dark Age is absolutely comparable to the 14th century when the Black Death killed one-third of the European population, and people just went crazy! You see signs of similar insanity, already now, and we need therefore, a completely different approach, as happened in the 15th century and the Golden Renaissance in Italy. People must recognize that we are in a Dark Age, and we have to reject all the assumptions which have led to this present situation.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a German political activist

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