Health Ministry to encourage further safety measures in Latvia

The Ministry of Health (VM) will encourage more mandatory use of masks, as well as stricter restrictions in certain educational settings, Health Minister Ilze Viņķele said in an interview to Latvian Radio October 12.

She said that a number of clarifications are scheduled for viewing by the government on Tuesday, October 13. The Minister refrained from mentioning specific changes but said that VM would also encourage the mandatory use of masks to be more extensive.

Viņķele said that COVID-19 is currently spreading more in workplaces where the government’s possibilities to ban something are limited. It is already stipulated that events outside the workplace must not take place, which should be controlled by the employer.

“These outbreaks are also happening when either celebrating a birthday party or going on a trip,” the minister said.

The second most pronounced “outbreak spots” are formed in so-called “interest education” or recreational instruction, such as sports training activities. “Obviously, one of the strictest areas of restrictions could apply to interest education,” the minister said.

Currently, interest education is prohibited in  several municipalities   of Latvia, where greater distribution of COVID-19 has been found.


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