Health Inspectorate: air quality in Latvia is appropriate and does not threaten human health

Air quality in Latvia is appropriate and does not threaten human heath, said Health Inspectorate manager Indra Dreika in an interview to LNT 900 seconds programme.

The head of the inspectorate reminded that air quality is monitored daily by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre. The inspectorate steps in when indexes exceed permitted norms. Currently there are no risks, she said.

According to Dreika, the environment in Latvia is generally safe for people. «We do not have a lot to worry about in water or air,» said Dreika.

When asked about problems with air quality stations in Riga, the head of the Health Inspectorate said there are no risks for human health in the capital. She did not deny that air quality may be better elsewhere, adding that people have the right to live in a forest, which is once such place.

Dreika believes the country is dealing well with the lasting heat wave. She adds that most residents enjoy this kind of weather. On the other hand, there are people whose state of health is not enough to handle this kind of heat.

Dreika also says municipalities should be the first to report information regarding poor air quality and excess dust concentration in air. There are special civil protection commissions in which Health Inspectorate representatives are members.

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