Happy weekend: 50 reservists taking part in infantry training

Approximately 50 reservists are taking part in a reservist training exercise this weekend, Baltic News Service reports.

The exericise comes under the command of the 22nd Infantry Battalion of the Estonian Defence Forces’ (EDF) 2nd Infantry Brigade, and started on Friday.

The four-day refresher exerciseis focuses on the battalion’s command, press officer of the 2nd Infantry Brigade told BNS.

The training is to last until Monday and will take place both in the classroom and in the field. The culmination of the exercise involves rehearsing plans drawn up during exercise in a simulation system at the Estonian Military Academy.

The 22nd Infantry Battalion is one of three infantry battalions belonging to the reserve structure of the 2nd Infantry Brigade. Regular training for reservists in the unit preserves their battle readiness and refreshes their specialist skills, it is reported.

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