Group of six suspected of ABLV money laundering crimes

Six persons are involved in the criminal case on laundering at least EUR 50 million, during which searches were conducted at ABLV Bank January 28, the LETA newswire reported.

The prosecutor’s office did not reveal information about the exact status of the six and whether a criminal procedure has been launched against them. All the persons are in Latvia, said Laura Majevska, a representative of the prosecutor’s office.

Majevska revealed that searches were also conducted in Belarus.

As previously reported, on Tuesday, officers from the Specialized Prosecution Office for Organized Crime and Other Branches, Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau, the State Police’s Organized Crime Department, the State Revenue Service’s Tax and Customs Board, and the Financial and Capital Market Commission carried out a number of procedural actions, including at least 20 searches in Latvia and in other countries.

The materials in the criminal case contain information about an organized group of nationals from several countries who are believed to have carried out money laundering in the amount of at least EUR 50,000,000 between 2015 and 2018.

The crimes committed by the organized group were supported by the unnamed credit institution – (though the fact that it is described as currently undergoing liquidation, as is ABLV bank, effectively identifies it) and its employees eliminated obstacles to the transfer of funds, investigators believe.


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