Quarantine will not be shortened, alcohol sales ban to continue in Estonia

The government agreed on in principle on Tuesday not to shorten the self isolation requirement for people arriving in Estonia and close contacts from 14 days to 10. It was also agreed to extend the alcohol restrictions currently in place.

Formal decisions will be made by the government on Thursday and discussions around the quarantine period will continue next week.

The Research Council, the Health Board and the Ministry of Social Affairs told the government it would be reasonable to reduce the period of self-isolation from the current 14 days to 10 days for both foreign arrivals and close contacts.

However, the government did not support this view and said testing arrangements need to be reviewed to ensure close contacts do not come into contact with infected people before this could be implemented.

“This debate is currently ongoing as to whether we consider it right to take the test in the middle of the period of self-isolation or at the end of that period, or whether it should be done on a case-by-case basis. As the time frame was limited, this debate will continue,” Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik (Center) said on Tuesday.

Kiik said the situation is easier for new arrivals as they can get tested at the border and then retested, it is harder to determine the rules around close contacts.

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