Germany to help fund Lithuanian tank firing range

As Lithuanian Armed Forces seek to modernise a training area in Pabradė, Germany has pledged to allocate up to a million euros for procuring mobile target lifting system for training tank and armoured equipment live fire while in maneuver.

Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence announced on November 26 that the ministry has entered into agreement with the German Federal Ministry of Defence to receive on a non-reimbursable basis up to Eur 1 million for procurement of mobile target equipment, including control and assessment technology.

The funds will be allocated to Lithuania under the programme of the Government of Germany for investments into long-term Lithuania’s security.

Lithuanian defence officials wrote that Germany is a long-standing and close partner of Lithuania in upgrading the Lithuanian Armed Forces, weaponry and equipment – Lithuania is buying Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Pz2000 self-propelled howitzers, M577 armoured personnel carriers and other equipment from Germany.

Germany is also the lead country contributing the largest number of personnel to the multinational NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group deployed for deterrence and defence purposes in Rukla, Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence wrote in a press release.

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