Gas prices to increase 7 cents for household in Lithuania

Lithuania’s National Commission for Energy Control and Prices has on Friday approved new gas prices for households for 2019, proposed by Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas, with the new tariffs set to come into force on Jan. 1.

The price for consumers using natural gas for cooking only will rise 11.9% from 59 to 66 cents per m3 and that for consumers using the fuel to heat their homes will increase from 39 to 46 cents, or 17.9%). Consumers in the third group will see the gas price rise 18.5% from 38 to 45 cents.

The fixed monthly price will remain unchanged.

Gas prices went down from 2014 but rose by 5-8% in July 2017 due to the expiry of a price discount obtained from Russia’s gas giant Gazprom in the spring of 2014.

In early 2018, gas prices were cut by 8% for the smallest household consumers and left unchanged for other users.



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