France’s first lady Brigitte Macron, 66, had three-hour cosmetic surgery

France’s first lady underwent a three-hour cosmetic surgery operation at a private hospital in Paris before heading off on summer holiday, according to reports.

Brigitte Macron, who is 25 years older than her husband President Emmanuel Macron, was placed under general anaesthetic before the procedure.

It allegedly took place at the world-famous American Hospital in the French capital, which is hugely popular with celebrities and which has a Plastic Surgery Unit offering ‘cutting-edge techniques’ including ones devoted to ‘facial rejuvenation procedures’.

Mrs Macron, who has spoken in the past about looking much older than her boyish second husband, was seen heading for a consultation on July 16.

The next day she was operated on ‘for three hours’ and ‘under general aesthetic’ after returning to the hospital in a three-car convoy, with at least four bodyguards.

‘The operation went without a problem, and the retired teacher was able to leave the American Hospital the same evening,’ a range of media outlets in Paris reported on Friday.

These ranged from French Closer magazine, which is renowned for its Elysee Palace contacts, to the upmarket Le Point magazine.

According to such magazines, the lead medic who worked on Mrs Macron was ‘an eminent cosmetic surgeon’ with a well-publicised media profile.

No specific about the operation were revealed, or the price, which is likely to have been paid privately.

Mrs Macron spent two days after the operation recovering at the Lantern, an official residence in Versailles, west of Paris.

She then travelled down south to join her husband at Fort Bregancon, another presidential retreat on the Mediterranean coast.

France has one of the most respected public health services in the world, making the choice of the American Hospital, which was founded in 1906, surprising for the head of state’s wife.

Celebrities who have been treated at the American Hospital over the years have included the late Hollywood stars Rock Hudson and Bette Davis, and German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The future Mrs Macron was a married mother-of-three when she fell in love with the young Emmanuel Macron, who was then her teenage pupil in the school in Amiens, northern France, where she taught drama.

She later divorced so that they could marry, but has worried about the age gap ever since, according to authoritative books.

When she was told that Mr Macron’s hair was going prematurely grey, Mrs Macron told a friend: ‘Oh, you know, I see it as an advantage that he’s ageing faster than expected. He is catching me up!’

In comments reported in a recent biography, Gerard Collomb, France’s former Interior Minister, in turn describes his former boss Mr Macron as being hugely reliant on his wife.

‘He touches her fingers all the time,’ said Mr Collomb. ‘He needs to make sure she is there. I have seen few couples like that.’

Philippe de Villiers, another senior politician, describes Ms Macron as ‘very young in spirit, more than her husband’, adding: ‘She is the woman who breathes in the ear of the artist’.

The authors of ‘Madame President’ said ‘it took guts and humour’ for Mrs Macron to stand by the president, and that she had been ‘mocked, insulted and gossiped about’ after being found ‘guilty of loving and marrying a man 25 years younger’.

There was no immediate comment from the Elysee about Ms Macron’s cosmetic surgery, or from the American Hospital.

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