Former Latvian police chief reveals immediate political ambitions

Ints Ķuzis, until recently Latvia’s senior police officer, announced February that he will run in upcoming Rīga city council elections.

Ķuzis pinned his colors to the mast of the New Unity party of Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš saying “Public service has been my mission, my purpose, and this will continue to be the direction of my career.”

As  reported by LSM last month  , Interior Minister Sandis Ģirģens (KPV LV party) announced on January 15 that after 40 years of service State Police Chief Ints Ķuzis would leave the force. That experience means “I know Rīga very well,” Ķuzis said Wednesday. adding that “There are lots of things that can clearly be improved” in the Latvian capital.

Jockey for position ahead of the elections at the end of April has already started. Posters of outgoing Rīga mayor Oļegs Burovs and his Honor To Serve Rīga party have appeared at numerous sites across the capital and the Development/For! party has announced it will run a joint list with the Progressives.

Further alliances and high-profile candidates are likely to be revealed in coming days.


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