Former head of Ventbunkers Ciniņa dismissed for severe violations; court rejects dismissal benefit claim


A court in Latvia has rejected the claim by the ex-head of petroleum product transhipment terminal company Ventbunkers, Eva Ciniņa, to exact from the firm a dismissal benefit of 86 400 euros as she has been dismissed from the post for gross violations of her duties.

According to information stated by representatives of Ventbunkers in the Kurzeme district court, Ciniņa was dismissed from the post after it was found that by grossly violating her duties, she had signed an order on the payment of money to her husband Edgars Ciniņš. He, in turn, had been recalled from the post of a board member.

On the same day, when the decision had been passed to dismiss Ciniņš from the post, his wife had issued an order to pay him the dismissal compensation, as well as «given to Ciniņš as a present the insurance policy/card he had used», the company says. This decision had been made by Ciniņa alone, not viewing it in a board meeting, which was the reason for her dismissal, the court ruling reads.

The council of Ventbunkers has passed the decision on April 22, 2016, to recall Edgars Ciniņš from the company’s board, as he had hidden the fact that during his term of duties he had been convicted of committing a very severe material crime, as a result of which the company had been expelled from taking part in an auction on the right to conclude a charter party. Moreover, his criminal record would mean that the company would not be allowed to participate in further auctions and tenders with similar criteria of contender selection.

Series of cases have also been documented, when Ciniņš had expressed an opinion or conducted representation to which he had not been authorised to and which did not correspond to the position of the company’s board and council, representatives of Ventbunkers say.
When the company had learnt about the criminal record of Edgars Ciniņš, he had been gradually dismissed from all his posts. Board members had been shocked to learn that the claimant had paid him the dismissal benefit, according to the court ruling.

The claim by Eva Ciniņa on exacting the compensation in the amount of nearly 90 thousand euros was rejected by the Kurzeme District Court on May 3, 2019.

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