Foreigners coming to Lithuania should be better informed about working conditions

Ukrainians coming to Lithuania to work should be better informed about working conditions after Lithuania and Ukraine ratified an agreement on employments conditions, Egle Samoskaite, an adviser to Lithuanian Minister of Social Security and Labor, says.

“When employing a Ukrainian citizen in Lithuania, employment contracts will have to include information on the payment conditions, functions, working place, work duration, the expiry of the contract and the procedure of its termination, the procedure for covering the costs of coming from Ukraine and returning to Ukraine, and also other questions related to the employee’s working conditions and living in Lithuania,” Samoskaite told BNS. Ukrainian citizens will have to be informed about the provisions of their employment contract and the procedure of its change and termination before their employment and they will have to receive copies of their employment contracts in the language they understand.

The same conditions for the information about employment and workers’ rights will have to apply to Lithuanian citizens employed in Ukraine. According to the representative of the Lithuanian ministry, the agreement pays a lot of attention to bolstering cooperation among institutions controlling illegal employment and stipulates a procedure for the exchange of information, deadlines for providing responses, and every country will have to appoint contact persons.

“Institutional cooperation and swift exchange of information are important to prevent the abuse of workers and ensuring that their pay matches the legal requirements,” Samoskaite said. The agreement between Lithuania and Ukraine on employment and cooperation in the field of labor migration was signed in Kiev in December, 2018. The Lithuanian Seimas ratified it in July, 2019, and the Verkhovna Rada did so last week.

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