Foreign Affairs Minister sends message to Russia after mass detentions

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevicius calls mass detentions in Moscow the use of “excessive brutal force” and calls for the release of those detained.

In a response sent to BNS Lithuania, the First Lady said her choice was determined by political scientists’ recommendations, and she also took into account the fact that her new role would require a lot of time. “I love my students and my work and I would gladly continue lecturing. Political scientists recommend against giving preference to one higher school due to ethical reasons. And another reason is that the function of representing the state and planned social activity will need a lot of time. Therefore, I will probably have to suspend my professional activity,” Nausediene said. The First Lady has so far been giving lectures on international protocol at Vilnius University’s Business School. Nauseda assumed his presidential position on July 12, and Nausediene accompanied her husband during his first state visit to Poland.


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