Forces from across the world descend on Faslane for military exercise

More than 11,600 personnel from 17 nations are at Faslane naval base for one of the largest military exercises of its kind in Europe.

Called Joint Warrior, the bi-annual exercise will last for two weeks and is aimed at preparing troops for what Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson called the “intensifying threats” facing the UK.

The exercise, which runs until May 4, and will involve Britain’s army, navy and air force, as well as soldiers from nations including Norway, Denmark, Estonia and the US.

Military leaders said the exercise would provide Nato allies and partner nations with the opportunity to train together across air, land, sea and cyber domains, practising “high-end” war-fighting between near-peer adversaries.

Mr Williamson said: “Joint Warrior prepares our troops in the best way to meet the intensifying threats our country faces by providing a major opportunity to exercise with our allies. Our Armed Forces are the face of global Britain, and training side by side with troops from 16 other nations means we are stronger and more capable when it comes to keeping our countries safe and protecting our way of life.”

Scheduled training scenarios will see military personnel prepared for counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling activity, information warfare and evacuation operations.

Captain Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff, Captain Paul Pitcher RN, said: “This exercise gives the UK participants a chance to train with our allies and partners, honing our skills and developing our tactics.”

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