Flights allowed to all but four EU states in Latvia

As from Thursday, flights to and from Latvia are allowed with all European Union (EU) and European Economic Zone (EEZ) countries apart from Spain, Andorra, Malta and Luxembourg, Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) spokesman  Aivis Vincevs told LETA September 1.

Vincevs said that the Cabinet’s amendments decided on Wednesday have come in force, which stipulate that air travel is allowed from counties where cumulative infection rate in 14 days is no more than twice as high as the EU average.

Vincevs said that right now the cumulative rate of August 28 is in force, which means travel is prohibited only to Spain, Andorra, Malta and Luxembourg.

Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) updates the cumulative scores list every Friday. If another country exceeds infection rate more than twice the EU average, flights will not be allowed to that country as of Monday September 7.


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