First snowless winter recorded in Lithuania

The past winter in Lithuania was the warmest on record, which reflects the  climate   change tendencies, the country’s Hydrometeorological Service said on Monday.

“All winter months were considerably warmer than the usual multiannual norms,” Donatas Valiukas from Hydrometeorological Service told BNS. The last year was also the warmest on record, he added.

The average winter temperature in 2019–20 stood at 2.6 degrees centigrade, compared to the 1982–2010 average of minus 2.8 degrees centigrade.The winter never really arrived, said Valiukas. “This past winter stood out not only in terms of high temperatures but also in terms of snowless days,” he added., adding it was the first time that there were only a few days of snow.

The lowest winter temperature in the country stood at minus 8.9 degrees centigrade and was registered in Rokiškis, northern Lithuania, on February 5. The highest temperature of 11.1 degrees centigrade was recorded in Marijampolė, southern Lithuania, on December 18.

The coldest winter in Lithuania was in 1969–1970 when the average monthly temperature stood at minus 8.9 degrees centigrade.


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