First ceasefire in Kashmir after Pakistan-India clashes


The military clashes between South Asian nuclear powers India and Pakistan have stopped giving civilians time to flee to safety after six days of military aviation, artillery and light arms’ clashes.

American news agency AP reported that residents near the demarcation line in the divided Kashmir region used the first lull to leave their homes and move to safety.

Pakistani government representative Moazzam Zafar commented that some 200 families have already taken shelter in three large government buildings in the territory, where the authorities planned to provide warm clothing, bedding, food and medicines, and would establish more shelters.

In Pakistani-administered Kashmir, at least eight civilians and two soldiers have fallen since the escalation came following India’s airstrike early last week inside Pakistan.

Pakistan has returned a captured an Indian pilot to his home country on Friday, March 1. India, in turn, on Saturday, march 2, handed over the body of a Pakistani civilian prisoner beaten to death by inmates in a prison in India last week.

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