Fire fighters in Latvia catch man jumping out of window

Last weekend, Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service received a call about an emergency at an apartment building. The person on the phone said some man was getting ready to jump out a window. Upon arriving at the scene and assessing the situation, rescuers concluded that if they tried entering the man’s apartment, he would most likely jump.

Thanks to neighbours, rescuers were able to access the apartment directly below the window. A plan was developed to intercept and catch the suicidal man when he jumped. While one rescuer stood on guard, waiting for the fall, the other one was making sure they would be able to hold on to the man when they caught him.

Other rescuers, meanwhile, were climbing down from the roof using climbing gear to reach the man. Rescuers then noticed the man’s hands had slipped and he started falling. Fortunately, rescuers waiting in the apartment below managed to catch the man and pull him inside, as reported by SFRS.

«Bravery and selflessness are two very important aspects of our work. Decisions and ability to think outside the box of those rescuers are commendable, because it all helped save a person’s life!» comments SFRS Chief Oskars Āboliņš.

Interior Affairs Minister Rihards Kozlovskis also praises the bravery of those rescuers: «A rescuer’s job is very special – it requires bravery, professionalism and the ability to act quickly and decisively in critical situations. I am proud of those two rescuers.»

For their bravery and quick-thinking in saving another person’s life, both will be awarded by SFRS and Interior Affairs Ministry.

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