Female Directors from Estonia, Georgia, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia Selected for CIRCLE Women’s Docs Accelerator

Female directors from Estonia, Georgia, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia are participating in the 2020 CIRCLE – Women’s Docs Accelerator. The third edition of the event was launched on 15 June and runs through 3 July.

More than 100 applicants vied for the ten slots in the workshop and showcase event. The CEE participants are Aet Laigu (Estonia), Lini Vdovii (Romania), Maja Prelog (Slovenia), Maka Gogaladze (Georgia) and Sara Stijovic (Montenegro).

In addition, the organisers will present their CIRCLE Docs-in-Progress showcase in collaboration with Cannes Docs – Marche du Film on 24 June at 2.30 – 3.45. The Geogian film In the Sweltering Sun (Diafilm) directed by Shorena Tevzadze is among the four films being presented.

The project is organised by Programme director Biljana Tutorov and Programme coordinator Iva Tkalec.

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